At the CASS, 2016

At the CASS, 2016

'IS IT ABOUT YOU? IS IT ABOUT ME? IS IT ABOUT US?' is a collaboration between artists, Moé Sekiya and Jordanna Greaves who met whilst studying MA Fine Art / Photography at The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design, London, in 2015.

The project raises questions about authorship and the creative impulse. It started with a spark of a chemical reaction between two people who have experienced different life paths with different cultural backgrounds. In the collaborative process we suggest, share, respond, impose and reciprocate with one another in order to find something they never expected, more than could be achieved individually. Working collaboratively also raises a question about authorship in art. The proportion of authority in our collaborative work varies, yet we enjoy, and are interested in, the quality of spontaneity, the interchangeability of power and trust. 

Born in Wallingford in 1979, Jordanna lives and works in London. Through multiple mediums she explores the psychological experience of living within personal, political, economic and social systems and examines process, compliance, language and meaning.  She has a BSc in Social Science & Psychology from Leeds Metropolitan University and is currently studing MA Fine Art at the CASS. She is co-founder of Grow in Hackney Wick; an experiment in ethical and sustainable business and creative space. www.jordannagreaves.co.uk

Through years of working in the commercial photography industry, Moé (born in Japan in 1982) found that her interest lay in taking portraits of people and she started to think of the different assumptions behind portraiture and why portraits are produced. At the same time in her life, she was thinking increasingly about her relationships with other people, considering ways in which she could represent the complexity of these relationships looking in more depth at their dynamic nature. www.moesekiya.co.uk


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Email: isityoumeus@gmail.com